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Deepening Mindfulness

An opportunity to refresh your skills and learn further inspiring ways to navigate through the complexities of life without getting drawn into the cycles of depression and anxiety, but enjoy your life more fully instead. Themes vary and take the needs of participants into consideration. Topics covered may include

-  how to establish and maintain a daily practise

-  accessing our capacity for compassion

-  bringing mindfulness into communication

-  transforming reactivity into empathy for self and other

-  balancing Taking in the Positive with Acceptance of what is painful

-  Use of creative expression; i.e. writing and drawing



I was left with many things to think about. I enjoyed the pace of the day and the variety and I found Ratnadevi's  teaching style very encouraging and inclusive.

 Anne, Complementary Therapist & Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher.

I was inspired by Ratnadevi's way of simply holding the space and allowing what needs to be lived through by the participants. The joy of not having to fix anything was truly liberating - by staying in the moment and not chasing the story line down the rabbit hole to retrieve some catastrophic event - or more often than not, no such event - keeps us in the present moment, being with what’s alive now. 

Dawne Kowan, mindfulness teacher and transpersonal therapist

If you have done an 8 week mindfulness course (anywhere), a deepening or refresher course or day workshop may be just what you need to find continuing support and further training.  Participants often value the sense of community that tends to emerge and come to these courses repeatedly.

If you cannot come to the first class or have to miss sessions, you can still book on a course.

Mindful and Nourishing communication

Date: Sunday 19 Nov 2017, 10am -5pm

Location: In The Moment Centre, Glasgow 

Cost: £58 concessions available on request


Mindful communication is one of the most important and challenging mindfulness practices. It is in communication with others that the ability to stay present and non-reactive is most tested – and where automatic and reactive habits can prevent open and authentic connection.  We might long for harmony, mutual respect, understanding and fun, but when faced with conflict, it’s easy to find ourselves tensing up and getting into a defensive mode that can be hard to shift.  Unchecked, the difficult feelings and thoughts fester in the mind and can lead to low mood and depression. 

The workshop offers structured explorations allowing us to become more versatile and skilled in connecting with ourselves and others.   We learn to recognise what is going on emotionally and allowing it.  From there we enter into a kindly exploration of what needs are not met for oneself and others. This leads to greater empathy and choice, and can be experienced as a deeply nourishing, connecting  and freeing shift of perspective.


The day combines mindfulness practice with teachings based on Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) to provide a framework for playfully exploring mindful and nourishing communication.

This workshop is open to mindfulness practitioners who seek to communicate more effectively and compassionately in their personal and professional lives. For mindfulness teachers it could further develop and expand their enquiry skills, and a certificate of attendance as CDP evidence is offered on request.


Ratnadevi (Dr Luise Holtbernd) has been practising meditation for 35 years and has been teaching both meditation and yoga in Scotland and internationally over the last 30 years. She has been offering MBCT/ MBSR courses since 2005, is a certified transformational coach and has extensive experience in training and supervising mindfulness teachers. She is involved in a research project combining MBCT and NVC.  She also has a PhD in the creative arts which informs her fluid, clear and interactive teaching style.

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