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Every so often dedicating a day to the practice of mindfulness, in the company of like-minded people can make a big difference in finding more sanity in our busy lives. The day retreats at part of longer courses and can be booked as stand-alone event by anyone who has previosuly done a mindfulness course.


Longer, residential retreats are often a turning point for people, taking the understanding of mindfulness to a deeper level and helping to make it an integral part of one's life.

Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

5 day retreat with meditation and mindful movement

on Holy Isle Thur 6 – Tue 11 April 2023

for people with some previous experience, suitable for mindfulness CPD

with Ratnadevi and Charlotte Procter

Take a break from the speed and complexity of life and re-connect with the things that really matter: feeling centered and connected to ourselves, others, the environment and our purpose in life. setting of the island – maybe doing walking meditation among the horses.

more info and booking: 

Coming to Our Senses

with Sukhema (Larry Butler), Kristine Mackenzie-Janson and Ratnadevi 


“The central purpose of the Work That Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization." –Joanna Macy

This four-day experiential retreat on the beautiful Holy Isle, will give us
energy and focus to respond to the current challenges faced by our
planet. The Work That Reconnects is a form of transformative
groupwork and comprises of exercises, meditation, reflection, and
discussion developed by Joanna Macy. It reconnects us with ourselves,
each other and life on earth by providing tools and practices that
strengthen resilience, open our hearts and build confidence to keep

An in-person retreat is a powerful way to connect more deeply with
others who share our concerns, with the supportive guidance of
experienced facilitators. We weave our way from gratitude into
honouring our pain for the world, and then find new and empowering
perspectives that inform our going forth. A previous participant
summarised it as “healing, encouraging, thought-provoking, energising
and fun!”

There will be time to roam the island alone or with others, and will
include opportunities to practice mindfully being, through guided
meditation, movement and music. The natural and nourishing beauty of Holy Island will help to inspire and
strengthen our ability to keep moving forward with active hope and positive resolve.
When: arriving on 26 August 2023 for an evening start, depart on 30 August

Where: Holy Isle off the Isle of Arran, Scotland, KA27 8GB
Course fee: £225 / £150 / £100 depending on income (payable on booking) plus Holy Isle accommodation.


Work That Reconnects
retreat on Holy Isle 26 - 30 August 2023


‘I attended a 5 day retreat in May this year led by Ratnadevi on Holy Isle.  The island is a special place, steeped in history and protected from the busy-ness of life by not just the small ferry crossing from Arran but also by the retreat setting itself with its own gardens, its Buddhist philosophy, and the beauty of its setting. Having a teacher with a lifetime of experience in meditation and therapeutic methods provided a wonderful atmosphere to deepen our self-awareness, learn new practices,  and brought many moments of joy and connection for us all.  It was a privilege to have been there.  Many thanks.’   Dr Derek Chase Retired GP

'I loved Ratnadevi's calm, wise and playful leadership. She has a way of coming alongside people in their experience as a gentle guide rather than a 'top down' teacher. I always feel completely safe in her expert way of holding spaces and there's a deep trust that she knows how to read the room and take us where there will be most growth.'  Diana Firthster, Education Lead for the West of Scotland Development Education Centre

The careful thought, imagination and dedication that went in to planning and delivering all the different exercises and elements were so evident - and much appreciated.  I particularly liked being outside, where this was possible.

-Christine Sutton, Social Work Manager, after a weekend on Holy Isle

I would like to thank you deep in my heart for the retreat and the care and compassion you showed to us all, including my daughters who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We had long chats about the inner critic on the train home and laughed and cried about how much more awake we feel. I sat looking out the window at the beautiful countryside rolling by, the groups of small lambs curled up together on the spring grass and I felt so calm and whole. Thank you for helping me back to this stillness.

-Charlotte Bouchier

Ratnadevi is an inspiring teacher who brings both great compassion and the wisdom of long experience to her leadership of the retreat. Her retreat programme allowed plenty of space for exploration and reflection of a number of mindfulness themes, with a lovely sense of gentle but firm purpose. The retreat at Ardfern was such a wonderful opportunity for deepening and refreshing my practice, extending my learning, and sharing with others. I have returned home with a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm. The silence and the size of the group worked very well for me, with a lovely balance of intimacy without intrusion. And Ardfern seems to me perfect place for a retreat -  natural beauty, comfort, quiet -  full of life at the same time.

-Dan Markus, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

This was a spacious retreat, where practice deepened and unfolded at the right pace and with the right amount of gentle and thoughtful guidance from Ratnadevi and Larry. Each day had been carefully planned. The different practices complemented each other well and I felt, allowed me to progress through an interesting personal journey, sometimes hard, sometimes easy but never trivial. The beautiful surroundings were of particular importance, allowing a deeper connection with nature to develop, culminating in a shared experience, watching the Milky Way and shooting stars on a clear night.

-Michele Hipwell, Health Psychologist and environmentalist

The structure of the retreat was elegantly put together and flowed well - a clear map, providing direction and places to pause. The group was prepared step by step for the silence, which met my needs for connection. All facilitation by Ratnadevi was done with care, kindness and authenticity. I particularly liked the precision of language and economy of words. She is an exceptional teacher - I am so fortunate to learn from someone who has vast experience and practice.

- Ann, psychotherapist.

The conditions offered themselves perfectly to reconnecting to a deep sense of place, serenity and connection with nature and with others. Ratnadevi encouraged us to approach our difficulties in a new way, with more kindness, flexibility and deeper inquiry, which is not only  of great personal benefit but refreshing curiosity and development as a mindfulness teacher .

- Hermione Thornhill, clinical pyschotherapist

The teachings were uplifting, gentle and delivered at exactly the right pace. Ratnadevi and the group created a lovely peaceful and other-worldly atmosphere. I am looking forward to practicing mindfulness and meditation in a more flexible and accepting way - anticipating great adventures.

 - John O’Reilly, ecologist and psychotherapist in training

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