Every so often dedicating a day to the practice of mindfulness, in the company of like-minded people can make a big difference in finding more sanity in our busy lives. The day retreats at part of longer courses and can be booked as stand-alone event by anyone who has previosuly done a mindfulness course.


Longer, residential retreats are often a turning point for people, taking the understanding of mindfulness to a deeper level and helping to make it an integral part of one's life.

Upcoming Retreats

Coming to our Senses Through Yoga and Meditation

on Holy Isle 3-6 April 2020

Take a break from the speed and complexity of life and re-connect with the things that really matter: feeling centered and connected to ourselves, others, the environment and our purpose in life.  Yoga is both invigorating and relaxing and together with meditation helps us to slow down and see, hear, smell and touch the world with fresh appreciation. The emphasis in the yoga is on mindfulness and enjoyment and includes some Feldenkrais sequences. The daily programme is interspersed with several short (10 –30 min) meditations of different kinds and there will be opportunities to share how we are getting on.

There will also be space to look at our lives with fresh eyes and explore what gives us true satisfaction. Weather permitting some practice will take place outside, in the peaceful and magical setting of the island – maybe doing walking meditation among the horses.

The retreat is suitable for beginners and people who practice mindfulness already and are looking for an opportunity to deepen their experience.


Cost for accommodation and food: £165 single room, £120 twin room each, £96 dorm. Course fee: £125

Booking procedure: You will be asked to pay £125/person which covers tuition and the hire of the peace hall. You must indicate the accommodation you would like and Ratnadevi will then contact Holy Isle to book your room. Usually there are plenty of spaces for all types of accommodation. See this website for pricing. Payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival on Holy Isle. After booking you will receive a letter of confirmation with more information incl travel details. 


Living from the Heart:

Meditation, Movement and Mindful Communication


23-26 October

Led by Ratnadevi and Jayaraja


Course fee/deposit £125


Cost for accommodation and food: £165 single room, £120 twin room each, £96 dorm.


Early booking is recommended. It starts at 6pm on Friday and finishes on Monday after breakfast.


This retreat is an opportunity to come together as a temporary community to explore what it means to live from the heart. In a safe and fun environment we explore emotionally intelligent ways of being with ourselves and others that lead to a deeper sense of connection. Supported by meditation, some periods of silence and replenishing movement, we learn mindful ways to communicate that allow us to

  • feel more alive to ourselves and sensitive to others

  • see what truly matter and live authentically

  • learn to recognise some old, protective patterns of judging, blaming, or immediately wanting to fix problems, that don’t really serve us any longer 

  • take courage and shed some of the burden of our small, fearful, defensive selves

  • feel part of a loving flow of interconnectedness.


There will be time for exploring the beautiful and peaceful countryside and the largely home- grown food on Holy Isle is truly exceptional. 

Booking procedure: You will be asked to pay £125/person which covers tuition and the hire of the peace hall. You must indicate the accommodation you would like and Ratnadevi will then contact Holy Isle to book your room. Usually there are plenty of spaces for all types of accommodation. See this website for pricing. Payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival on Holy Isle. After booking you will receive a letter of confirmation with more information incl travel details. 

Mindfulness Day Retreat

Sunday 14 June 20, 10am – 4pm, cost £40, conc. on application 

In Vinicombe St Glasgow

for anyone with some previous experience of meditation

Feeling somewhat distracted, frazzled, overwhelmed, tired, uninspired, disconnected, short-tempered, indulging in addictions and lacking a sense of direction and meaning?

If any of these descriptions apply to you it is time for some deep nourishment through meditation and mindful movement. It will restore your inner equilibrium and get your heart singing again. Meditating with others helps us to let go of excess effort, relax and ‘breathe easy’.

The day will be mostly silent, with expertly and sensitively led periods of meditations, interspersed with simple movement sequences, bodyscan and walking meditations.

Work That Reconnects 

on Holy Isle,  28 May - 3 June.

with Larry Butler, Ratnadevi and Kristine Janson.


The Work That Reconnects is a form of transformative groupwork comprised of exercises, meditation, reflection, and discussion developed by Joanna Macy. It aims to reconnect us, empower us to reclaim our lives, our communities, and our planet by providing tools and practices that offer insights into how we can work together, open our hearts and build a truly life sustaining society.

During this six-day experiential workshop on the beautiful Holy Isle, we will use a form of transformative group work to give us energy and focus to respond to the current challenges faced by our planet. A retreat is a powerful way to connect more deeply with others who share our concerns, under the supportive guidance of experienced facilitators. We weave our way from gratitude into honouring our pain for the world, and then find new and empowering perspectives that inform our going forth. 

For more info and to book: butlerlarry@talktalk.net


Mindful Coaching and Inquiry Skills’ W/E 3:

Honouring all parts of the internal community

29 Feb/1 Mar 2020, 10 am – 5pm at  2A Vinicombe St Glasgow 

cost £160, or £140 for previous participants and when booked in conjunction with W/E 2, 18/19 January

for mindfulness teachers, supervisors and others who work with people

led by Ratnadevi  (Luise Holtbernd PHD), Certified Coach, Mindfulness teacher, Trainer & Supervisor.

Who is running the inner show?  Ideally, we’d like our most integrated, wise and compassionate Self to be in charge, but often less mature parts of ourselves take over, to the detriment of our own and others’ wellbeing and happiness. 

We are all familiar with the ‘inner critic’; other parts can be named the ’pusher’, the ‘pleaser’, the ‘procrastinator’, the ‘taskmaster’ and there are many more, all playing important roles in the psyche.  Many of them have a protective function and other parts are ‘exiled’, less conscious wounded child parts. It can be immensely liberating to recognise that we are not our parts. We can un-blend from them, listen to them and understand their positive intent.  We even thank them. Their methods may be out-dated and counter-productive, but they hold important values for us.

We don’t try to change the parts, and this form of radical acceptance can lead to profound and lasting change.  Paradoxically, by separating out the different parts, we lay the groundwork for new levels of personal integration that can then lead to confident and inspired expression in action. The work is deep and safe, as we always acknowledge and respect the parts that have any concerns.  This mindful coaching approach builds on Hal and Sidra Stone’s work with Voice Dialogue and Richard Schwartz and Jay Earley’s process of Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

This weekend is the third and last of a course and it can also be done as a stand-alone module.  The weekend will include further teachings on working with the body, coming into the present moment , working with needs and values and stepping into action. It is a prerequisite for the course to purchase and study several chapters of ‘Coaching for Transformation’, pathways to ignite personal and social change, by Martha Lasley et al. Details on application.

5 Day Mindfulness Retreat

Tue 5 – Sun 10 May 2020 at Lerigoligan, Ardfern, Argyll, cost £430

The retreat is an opportunity to deepen the practice of mindfulness in the company of others with previous experience of meditation and mindfulness programs, including mindfulness teachers and those in training.

 We will be following a programme consisting of periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful movement and bodyscan meditations. Some of the practices will be led by the teacher and there will also be some unguided practice. Short talks and discussions about aspects of mindfulness provide stimulation and direction . Some free time in the afternoons will allow you to explore and enjoy the beautiful environment. There will also be opportunities to review your practice with the teacher and receive personal guidance.

Periods of silence (overnight and gradually building up to 2 days silence) will provide the conditions for the practice to unfold its magic: we are likely to feel more compassionately connected to ourselves, others and the environment; more alive and present;  more in sync with the natural arising and passing of experience and more attuned to the beauty in things. Without external distractions and obligations we are free to explore our inner lives and find deeper peace, confidence and acceptance.

Delicious vegetarian meals will be provided by 2 cooks (who also participate in the programme) and you will be asked to contribute to the retreat by doing some mindful veg preparations and cleaning up after meals.  

Accommodation will be shared (with either two or three beds in one room).

For bookings please contact Ratnadevi info@livingmindfulness.net