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“ I found the teaching weekends highly informative and the opportunity to have observed practice in a small group really helpful”

 Dr Adam Burnel

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist


"The Mindfulness Teacher Training course from Living Mindfulness has been tremendous. A wonderfully structured year to develop and enhance abilities to lead an 8 week MBSR or MBCT course and beyond. The support from Ratnadevi and Charlotte has been exceptional and I now really feel I understand the principles of teaching mindfulness and have the confidence and ability to do so. Also it has been a personal development through the year to enhance my own practice and expand my world of compassion and living a mindful life'

Dr Mark Dunn, consultant in critical care

'It has been very valuable to be aware of the need to allow kindness and compassion to pervade all we do and it feels to me that getting that bit right is the most important thing, and the rest will follow. 


I also felt that your knowledge, experience and practice as teachers came across very strongly, as did your enthusiasm and passion.  This was very helpful in showing how teaching mindfulness can, in time, become very natural.

I have really enjoyed the training and your attitude of openness and generosity have been invaluable. I feel we have benefitted from learning from such experienced and authentic teachers. 

Elaine McCall, teacher

has trained hundreds of mindfulness teachers in Scotland and supports an active community of practitioners through regular training and practise days. There are many pathways of training and there is no UK body who issues accreditations for teacher training.  In line with the UK network for Mindfulness-based teacher training we recommend that mindfulness teachers are committed to regular formal and informal personal mindfulness practice, deepen their practice by going on mindfulness retreats on a yearly basis, and seek contact/ supervision with other mindfulness teachers. We believe that the embodiment of the qualities of mindfulness, such as openness, non-judgement, stillness, curiosity is essential to the effectiveness of the teaching.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Course 2023

facilitated by Dr Charlotte Procter and Ratnadevi (Dr Luise Holtbernd)

hybrid format, in-person in Glasgow and online

This year-long training course is for people who want to develop their understanding and teaching skills in mindfulness based cognitive therapy / stress reduction (MBCT/MBSR), with view to delivering programmes or integrating the approach into their work. Participants will have completed an 8 week MBCT, MBSR or our Living Mindfulness course, have had a regular daily meditation practice for at least a year and attended at least one retreat.

The course meets the Good Practice Guidelines and requirements for the BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches) teachers register. Ratnadevi and Charlotte are both on the register themselves. The assessment will use the MBI-TAC criteria as developed by the Bangor Centre for Mindfulness and at completion a certificate will be issued.

Initially, trainees will study ‘Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression’ by Teasdale, Williams and Segal, as a foundational training.  Then they will become familiar with the 8 week Living Mindfulness course, which is based on MBCT, MBSR and MBCT for Life. Whilst following the tried and tested structure of those approaches, in the Living Mindfulness programme we place a stronger emphasis on embodiment through mindful movement, the development of nourishing mental states such as gratitude and throughout the whole course runs a thread of awareness of needs and values. We encourage an attitude of ‘engaged mindfulness’, placing our personal training in the wider context of the pressing topics of our world, such as climate change.

The course will be in-person, with the possibility of joining online. The non-residential venue for this is will be in the Westend of Glasgow. The training involves:


  • 7 full days of teaching on Saturdays 11.3.23; 25.3.23; 22.4.23; 17.6.23; 16.9.23; 20.1.24 and 9.3.24

  • Regular meetings with a peer practice group, making up 40 hours over the course of the year.

  • Ongoing tutor support, including a mid-term observed teaching session in the practice  group setting, with written feed-back.

  • Three individual 30 min supervision sessions with one of the tutors.

  • A 5 day residential meditation retreat,7-12 Oct, in Ardfern, Argyll

  • Keeping of a logbook/diary throughout the course.

  • Provision of a comprehensive manual of course contents.


Cost: sliding scale £1400/1650/1850.

Early booking is advised. We are keeping the numbers low (12) to ensure maximum support for each individual.

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