“ I found the teaching weekends highly informative and the opportunity to have observed practice in a small group really helpful”

 Dr Adam Burnel

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist


"The Mindfulness Teacher Training course from Living Mindfulness has been tremendous. A wonderfully structured year to develop and enhance abilities to lead an 8 week MBSR or MBCT course and beyond. The support from Ratnadevi and Charlotte has been exceptional and I now really feel I understand the principles of teaching mindfulness and have the confidence and ability to do so. Also it has been a personal development through the year to enhance my own practice and expand my world of compassion and living a mindful life'

Dr Mark Dunn, consultant in critical care

has trained hundreds of mindfulness teachers in Scotland and supports an active community of practitioners through regular training and practise days. There are many pathways of training and there is no UK body who issues accreditations for teacher training.  In line with the UK network for Mindfulness-based teacher training we recommend that mindfulness teachers are committed to regular formal and informal personal mindfulness practice, deepen their practice by going on mindfulness retreats on a yearly basis, and seek contact/ supervision with other mindfulness teachers. We believe that the embodiment of the qualities of mindfulness, such as openness, non-judgement, stillness, curiosity is essential to the effectiveness of the teaching.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Course 2019/20


facilitated by Dr Charlotte Procter and Ratnadevi (Dr Luise Holtbernd)

This year-long training course is for people who want to develop their understanding and teaching skills in mindfulness based cognitive therapy / stress reduction (MBCT/MBSR), with view to delivering programmes or integrating the approach into their work. Participants will have completed an 8 week MBCT/MBSR course, have had a regular daily meditation practice for at least a year and attended at least one retreat.

The course is in line with the UK guidelines for mindfulness teachers and at completion a certificate will be issued.  The assessment will use the MBI-TAC criteria as developed by the Bangor Centre  for Mindfulness. The course involves

  • 7 full days of non-residential teaching weekends at Mulberry House, 21 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH 3 7DX; 28/29 Sep 19; 12/13 Oct 19; 25/26 Apr 20; 26 Sep 20.

  • Regular meetings with a peer support group, making up 40 hours over the course of the year

  • Three individual supervision sessions with one of the tutors, one of which is a taught class

  • A retreat of 3-7 days (not included in the cost). We are offering a 5 day residential retreat 5-10 May in  Ardfern, Argyll, cost £460. You may want to self-arrange a retreat instead and we are happy to advise re suitability.

  • Keeping of a logbook/diary throughout the course

  • Provision of a  comprehensive manual of course contents.


Cost : £830 (It is possible to pay in two installments, with £415 at the time of booking. The balance is due 1 month before the starting date. In case of your cancellation up to 1 month before course start, we will keep a booking fee of £100).

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Mindful Approaches in Yoga Teaching

a CPD training day for yoga teachers cancelled

Led by Ratnadevi, at The Yoga Extension, Glasgow, Sun 22 Sep19, 11am - 6pm, £60 (concession available on

'We train to stay connected with a rootedness to the earth through the body, and to the ground of the mind, which is awareness.' Kittisaro


‘Whether our practice strengthens our ability to be present with all that we experience is the only criteria we need for what we do or don’t do on the mat. ….

….finding our natural rhythm through enquiry that is marked by curiosity, innocence and playfulness.’ Donna Farhi


Mindfulness is an essential and integral part of any form of yoga and as a teacher you may wonder whether this new ‘mindfulness craze’ has anything to offer you. Is it not enough to offer postures, breathing and meditation the way you are used to? This day is your chance to find out!

Having taught both yoga and mindfulness classes and retreats for many years, I want to share with you some ways to enliven and deepen yoga teaching through mindfulness approaches:

  • Get into dialogue with your students, without losing the flow of a class. Find out what’s really going on for them. You don’t have to be the only one who talks.

  • Instil a spirit of curiosity – ask open questions rather than only give instructions.

  • Clarify values – why are they doing Yoga? This might even get them to practise at home!

  • Address and include the inner commentary. Is your warrior pose really a worrier pose? Learning to unblend from those anxious, planning, ruminating inner voices.

  • Enhance sensory pleasure, calm and enjoyment in the moment – really take it in and in that way compensate for the in-built negativity bias of the mind.

  •  Stimulate playfulness – there is not one right way to perform a posture.

  • Through specific movement approaches we can target understanding of some key mindfulness principles such as beginner’s mind, non-striving, acceptance and letting go. 

  • Integrate poetry creatively.

  • Guiding bodyscan and sitting meditations in inspiring yet non-prescriptive ways, respecting the students’ autonomy.

The day will include taught sessions of yoga and meditation as well as opportunities for guiding in small groups.

Ratnadevi has been teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation for over 3 decades and runs retreats and mindfulness teacher training courses. She also is a certified coach and works 1-2-1 with people as supervisor and mindfulness coach.

Yoga is skill in action.’ For me, Ratnadevi personifies this, and it has been a real pleasure to experience (and learn from) the way in which she accompanies others along the path towards greater skill in practising, teaching and living. The depth and breadth of her knowledge shine through in her confident, seamless weaving-together of playfulness, experimentation, curiosity and reflection, and I relish any opportunity to work further with her.

Joy Charnley, yoga teacher and former chair of Yoga Scotland

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Mindful Coaching and Enquiry Skills

Ratnadevi, with Kristine Janson

Dates: 9/10 Nov 2019; 18/19 Jan and 29 Feb/ 1 Mar 2020

Cost: £160 per weekend. Early bird rate £140, by 31 Aug 2019

An in-depth course for mindfulness teachers, supervisors and others who want to offer their clients effective tools for personal transformation.  It takes your work to the next level, by adding potent, tried and tested coaching skills to the repertoire of guiding interventions. The course will also help you personally to get unstuck in areas such as lack of confidence and self-criticism and enhance your ability to be compassionately present  in challenging situations.

The pathways towards personal integration we will explore in depth are:

  • Exploring needs and values.  Awareness skills open our eyes to the gift that difficult feelings and conflicts offer us. They point us to our core values and needs and give access to their life force. (Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg on NVC (nonviolent or compassionate communication)

  • Experiencing the moment. Rather than ‘talking about it’ we invite the client to connect with their physical experience in the body.  We learn to discern when this is useful and different ways to access the more visceral aspect of experience. We come to trust the body’s wisdom.

  • Changing view points. Being able to recognise our old stories as just one of many possible ways of seeing a situation can be immensely liberating. Using the imagination, we can experiment with and choose a different, more empowering view point.

  • Embracing all parts of ourselves. Drawing on IFS (Internal Family Systems), we get to know the the hidden or disliked part of ourselves and dialogue with them, discovering their positive intent. This leads to acceptance and deeper levels of peace and integration.

  • Moving into action. We learn some tools for identifying and supporting practical change.    more info and booking