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ratnadevi mindfulness teacher

'Her gentle, fluid and compassionate approach is combined with a deep knowledge base and a skill for creatively weaving theories into the context of the everyday.  There is a freshness and playfulness to exercises used, and I have experienced how she is able to cultivate a rich sense of community and support in which our mindfulness practice can develop.  I find Ratnadevi's teaching style to be extremely nourishing and energising, and she has had a significant positive impact on my day to day experience of life.'

Fiona, Occupational Therapist


Ratnadevi's style of teaching is calm, gentle and empathic. She explained the concepts and practices of mindfulness very clearly.'

Barbara, teacher


'Ratnadevi is a wonderfully warm and wise teacher.'          

Duncan, therapist


'Ratnadevi’s strong supportive presence has been wonderful.'

Christine, community support worker



Ratnadevi is a mindfulness teacher, teacher trainer, life coach, yoga instructor and artist, based in Glasgow. She has been practising meditation for 35 years and has been teaching in Scotland and internationally over the last 30 years. She teaches regular 8 week mindfulness courses in Glasgow.


She is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and  combines the experience and depth of her Buddhist practise with a non-religious approach to teaching mindfulness, characterised by a spirit of openness, gentleness, creativity and enquiry. She spends at least 2-3 months every year on retreats, both leading and as a participant, as well as doing solitary retreats.


She completed a teacher training course run by the Centre for Mindfulness in Bangor  and has been offering MBCT/ MBSR courses since 2003, both to the general public and within organisations, such as the NHS and universities. She incorporates elements of self-compassion, as taught by Paul Gilbert and Chris Germer, with whom she did a weeklong retreat in 2011.  She learned about  mindful pain management from breathworks.  During the last 30 years she has been taught by numerous Buddhist teachers who have shaped a deepening understanding of mindfulness and compassion, lately Vessantara.


She has completed an intensive, year-long certification programme in coaching skills, 'coaching for transformation'. She has been an avid practitioner of NVC for the last 12 years and has developed teaching modules integrating mindfulness and compassionate  communication . Her life-long training in the arts (music, movement and visual arts, PhD in creative arts from Dartington College) feeds into courses and workshops on mindfulness and creativity. Likewise, her many years of experience of  teaching yoga informs her mindfulness teaching, offering  a well-grounded and nourishing experience to participants.


Together with Charlotte Procter and others she has been training mindfulness teachers since 2008. They have also been offering training courses and CPD days for healthcare professionals who teach mindfulness.

She is the author of 'Bringing Mindfulness to Life' and runs workshops related to the themes of the book, including engaged mindfulness and mindful communication. 


Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd PhD)
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