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Guided Meditations by Living Mindfulness Trainers

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Dr Charlotte Procter, clinical psychologist

We begin by settling the body into a relaxed presence, soothing our nervous system and feeling our connection to the earth. We continue to scan through the body, exploring it with intimacy and relationality, using the breath and kindly awareness as our guide.

We settle the body into a posture embodying our intentions for our practice.  With a kindly and open awareness, we explore the breath, body sensations, sounds and the activities of the mind as gateways to awareness. We conclude by sitting with open awareness and resting in the present

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Ratnadevi, aka Luise Holtbernd, PhD, author

In the first 16 minutes Ratnadevi takes you through a sequence of floor-based warm-up stretches and flowing movements inspired by the Feldenkrais Method. The approach is spacious, with an emphasis on being present with the richness of sensations during and after the stretches. This leads into a body scan meditation, giving ourselves the gift to be fully seen and accepted.

Starting by relaxing into the body, we come into relationship with a good friend, then with someone who is experiencing pain or difficulties and then turning to our own difficulties. In each case we ask what qualities are needed to bring more ease and happiness and open our hearts in loving kindness and well-wishing, eventually including all lviing beings. 

A guided meditation by Ratnadevi. Introducing 'Zen Coaching'. asking ourselves: 'What is alive in you?' and 'Can you allow it?'.

 (after Tara Brach) A mindful and compassionate contemplation for the 'Great Turning' (Joann Macy), moving from our difficult feelings about the state of the world, through a process of healing and understanding towards action.

Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nourish,  Imagine, No limits, Go Forth 

This is a contemporary version of an ancient Tibetan practice that opens the compassionate heart to suffering in the world, incl our own, and transforms it. We invite a 'refuge' into our heart, connecting with compassionate energies larger than our small frightened, easily overwhelmed selves. Every aspect of the meditation, our doubts and fears are integrated into this receiving and giving flow of the breath.

A guided meditation, opening into kind, spacious awareness, grounded in sensory experience. You need a glass of water.

This guided art appreciation was initially used in the context of Ratnadevi's art exhibition in Dec 2022. The work displayed here, 'balance', was part of the show. You may want to listen to it at home, to look at art on your walls afresh, or while wandering through an arts exhibiton.

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