"I found the eight-week mindfulness course with Ratnadevi enjoyable, interesting but above all, helpful. It provided me with practical tools and techniques to use in daily, and has helped me become more aware of thoughts and feelings, and find ways to manage challenging situations better."

Barbara, teacher


"Through the mindfulness course I have found a place of stillness within me. A place which I can chose to link into and which has given me the tools to changing the way I live my life."

Annemieke, counsellor


"Ratnadevi’s mindfulness course was the best money I EVER spent. Before going I was a long-term ‘self-beater-upper’ and suffered greatly in my personal and public life. After the course I experienced a greater honesty with myself and my emotions, a justified kindness and a far fuller and more satisfying life, with love for my flaws."

Michael, unemployed


These 8 week mindfulness courses, currently mostly run in Glasgow provide a comprehensive methodology to care for your physical and mental well-being and are suitable for most people. Healthcare professionals often embark on a course to complement their practice and as a first step towards becoming a mindfulness instructor. Please read this info before booking.

8 week Mindfulness Course

led by Ratnadevi (Dr. Luise Holtbernd)

this course is likely to be held online

8 weekly sessions, starting Wed 13 May 2020, 7-9pm; plus day retreat on 14 June, 10 am– 4pm

Venue: Glasgow Westend

cost £240, including course manual, pre-course chat and online support

An introductory mindfulness course for people who want to learn to enjoy the moment and breathe easy, get a handle on reducing stress, feel more centered and calm, be more connected with the body and nature, gain a larger perspective, understand that we are not our thoughts, feel more of a heart-connection with ourselves and others, develop more clarity on what really matters to us and live from those deeper values.

Hundreds of trials have shown the effectiveness of the mindfulness approach on mental and physical health and wellbeing. There is a clear relation between the daily formal practice of mindfulness and improvements in emotional resilience, the ability to focus, better relationships and an enhanced immune system.

The main components of this programme are mindful movement, body-scan meditation, sitting meditation of various kinds and mindful communication.  There are also informal exercises that help us bring mindfulness into everything we do, such as brushing our teeth or answering the phone. The course is based on MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), Compassion teachings from Tara Brach (and others) and NVC (nonviolent or compassionate communication, Marshall Rosenberg), as well as the newly developed Mindfulness for Life programme.