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‘Through the mindfulness course I have found a place of stillness within me. A place which I can choose to link into and which has given me the tools to changing the way I live my life.’
Annemieke, counsellor

‘Ratnadevi is an inspiring teacher who brings both great compassion and the wisdom of long experience’
Dan Markus, consultant clinical psychologist


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These 8 week mindfulness courses, currently mostly run in Glasgow provide a comprehensive methodology to care for your physical and mental well-being and are suitable for most people. Healthcare professionals often embark on a course to complement their practice and as a first step towards becoming a mindfulness instructor. Please read this info before booking.

8 week Mindfulness Course

led online by Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd PhD) and Charlotte Procter PhD

8 weekly sessions, starting Sun 12 Sep 21, 7-9pm, plus day retreat Sat 16.10.

Cost £160 - 240, including course manual, pre-course chat and online support.

Suitable for beginners seeking an introduction to mindfulness, more experienced people interested in an expanded approach, and for people who are considering a mindfulness teacher training.

Learn to enjoy the moment and breathe easy.

Get a handle on reducing stress and feel more centered and calm.

Be more connected with the body and nature.

Gain a larger perspective, understanding that we are not our thoughts.

Feel more of a heart-connection with ourselves and others.

Develop more clarity on what really matters to us and live from those deeper values.

Hundreds of trials have shown the effectiveness of the mindfulness approach on mental and physical health and wellbeing. There is a clear relation between the daily formal practice of mindfulness and improvements in emotional resilience, the ability to focus, better relationships and an enhanced immune system.

This course is a unique development by Living Mindfulness and combines the extensively tested MBSR and MBCT approaches with content that emphasises the nourishment of mindful movement, developing gratitude and generosity, and the central importance of
needs and values.


You will receive a certificate of attendance and the course will be suitable as part of entrance qualification for teacher training.

***Please contact Ratnadevi for a pre-course chat before you make your booking.

contact Ratnadevi at 0141 9468096 or info@livingmindfulness.net.

The course is not a substitute for therapy.