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'Bringing Mindfulness to Life'

Ratnadevi's new book can be ordered from PlaySpace Publications

Get to know the author and find out about the book in this video

Living Mindfulness, reduce stress and avoid depression in Glasgow and Scotland

offers mindfulness courses and mindfulness teacher training in Scotland, facilitated by highly experienced teachers Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd, PhD) and Charlotte Procter (PhD). We combine decades of personal meditation practice including years of retreat with a secular approach that draws on up-to-date scientific research.


Mindfulness  is  a fast expanding method for well-being now used world-wide by national health providers, educational institutions, business, government and even the army. It is the NHS treatment of choice for anxiety and depression. For many people the increasing pressures of work, family and keeping up with social media combine to feeling overwhelmed, stressed and out of touch with an inner life. The increased popularity of mindfulness courses points to a longing for more peace, enjoyment of the present moment experience and resilience in the face of demanding life circumstances. 


We want to make mindfulness teachings as accessible as possible, which is reflected in comparatively low fees and concessionary rates for OAPs, full-time students and the unemployed.

We offer:

- mindfulness classes for individuals and organisations in Glasgow and throughout Scotland

- one-2-one mindful coaching


- 8 wk mindfulness courses, based on MBCT/ MBSR


- deepening courses, day events and retreats

- workshops in engaged mindfulness


- teacher training courses


- Continued Professional Development events


- supervision


- Yoga courses and drop-in classes


"Through the mindfulness course I have found a place of stillness within me. A place which I can chose to link into and which has given me the tools to changing the way I live my life." 

- Annemieke, counsellor



"Mindfulness has brought peace and serenity to my life and is teaching me to be less self-critical and more self-accepting. The classes are thought provoking and life changing."

- Simone, teacher, Glasgow



"The course has taught me not to shy away from difficulties whether physical or mental, but welcoming them and seeing that nothing awful will happen if I let them in. Now I am not always distracting myself from unpleasant things; I am not always waiting for them to ‘pop up’. So this alleviates anxiety; the fear of the fear itself. I am now dealing with ruminative negative thinking by feeling the breath in my body."

- George, computer designer, Scotland



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