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mindful and nourishing movement


Saturday 18 Nov 2017, at In the Moment Centre, Glasgow

10 am – 1pm for anyone with a mindfulness practice, £30 (apply for conc.)

10am – 5pm for mindfulness teachers who seek to develop their mindful movement teaching repertoire and skill, £58 (apply for conc.)



This workshop focuses on allowing movement to evolve in a way that feels natural, authentic and deeply enjoyable. Within led sequences derived from Yoga and Feldenkrais Method, participants will be encouraged to let go of ‘right and wrong’ and trust the body’s innate wisdom.


The morning session will be led by Ratnadevi and will include some sitting meditation, poetry and verbal enquiry, aiming for a balanced and enriching experience.


The afternoon session offers a rare CPD opportunity for mindfulness teachers and trainee teachers to re-visit some of the principles underlying the teaching of mindful movement. There will be small group practice opportunities with feed-back and discussion. CPD certificate available on request.


Make a whole weekend of it and book also for Mindful and Nourishing Communication, Sunday 18 Nov 10am -5pm, at In The Moment Centre, £95 for both days, saving £21

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Ratnadevi's style of yoga is gentle and surprisingly effective. I come out the class a different being, calmer, taller, walking with a bounce in my step and noticing more the details of life. I feel the benefits of the class through the week, more aware of my posture, calmer, healthier."

Mindful Movement is an essential component of mindfulness practice, taking us out of our heads to a more fully embodied way of being, bringing a wider, wiser and more loving perspective to our lives. A weekly yoga class or weekend retreat are excellent, nurturing ways of keeping the spirit of mindfulness alive.



Weekend retreats

at Holy Island, centre for peace and health

 Yoga, Meditation and Massage for Women 

6-9 Oct 2017 The balance of Yoga, Meditation and Massage on this long weekend retreat is designed to leave you feeling nourished, refreshed, spacious and calm.
Attuning ourselves to our breath and the natural elements around us, the practices help us to feel more connected; to ourselves, others and the environment. The massage is integrated with the bodywork and simple, safe and fully clothed. 

Cost for accommodation and food: £165 single room, £120 twin room each, £96 dorm. Course fee: £125 

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Coming to our senses through yoga and meditation

6-9 April 2018

Take a break from the speed and complexity of life and re-connect with the things that really matter: feeling centered and connected to ourselves, others, the environment and our purpose in life.  Yoga is both invigorating and relaxing and together with meditation helps us to slow down and see, hear, smell and touch the world with fresh appreciation. There will also be space to look at our lives with fresh eyes and explore what gives us true satisfaction. Weather permitting some practice will take place outside, in the peaceful and magical setting of the island – maybe doing walking meditation among the horses. Open to beginners and anyone who would like to deepen their existing mindfulness practice.

Cost for accommodation and food: £165 single room, £120 twin room each, £96 dorm. Course fee: £125

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